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About Us

Software International provides a full suite of on site, onshore, and offshore application development services (ADS) and IT consulting to Fortune 1000 companies in the Financial, Retail, Telecommunication, Brokerage, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Legal and Insurance industries worldwide. Every project is fully staffed and managed by Software International's team of project managers, engineers, technical support and account management professionals. 

Founded in 1997, Software International Inc. provides full range of onsite; offsite and offshore services, with separate practices in staffing, outsourcing, resolution and advanced technology services also serve as a hosting ground to alliances and consortium groups seeking assistance, guidance and advice in the development and deployment of IT services and solutions. 

Staffing Augmentation

There are many things we'd like to share with you about the company we started in 1997, and we'd love to tell you about them all. For now, though, we'll focus on a few that you may find interesting.

Why We Started Software International

We were inspired to start Software International for three main reasons- to treat job seekers better, to provide a better service for companies, and to build a company where the best recruiters and sales staff would want to work. Let's touch briefly on the first reason.

Back in 1997 we felt that too many recruiters weren't treating job seekers the right way. They failed to return calls. They didn't give closure. They misrepresented the job. Some even came across as sleazy. It was a frustrating perception of the industry, so we set out to change it. 

We believed that relationships and trust should be the foundation of our service model. We decided to only hire the most motivated, friendly, and capable staff. People committed to doing all the little things right, and going beyond the call of duty. We believe it makes a difference, and we hope that you feel the same way.

What We Believe In

The values we drive home with every associate on our staff are to do the right thing, make others better, find a way to get the job done, and set the professional standard.

What We Love About Staffing

So why do we do what we do? Why work in staffing? It's simple- we thrive on helping to make that connection. Getting someone a job- whether we are merely a port in the storm, or a bridge to a full-time opportunity- feels great. Providing our customers with their most critical resource- their people- feels great. We love it. Our staff loves it. We hope it shows.


  • Top shelf talent at a price you can afford



  • Hundreds of recruiters nationally

  • National Recruiting Center



  • Like the talent? Hire them.

Contract, temp-to-perm, & direct placement

Why We’re Different

When you compare staffing firms, you’re going to hear a lot of the same things, from a lot of different companies. Listen- it’s a fairly straightforward business. What you should look for is this. Do they have great clients where you can be placed, and do their people treat you right? Are they responsive, honest, and fair? Do you trust them? 

The heart of Software International is our people. We go to great lengths to only hire the cream of the crop- we want people of the highest character, with high energy and a service mentality. Motivated, friendly, and capable. Folks who are interested in building lasting relationships, not simply trying to make a deal happen. We believe it’s a difference-maker, and we’re confident you’ll feel the same way.

Tell Us What Your Experience Has Been

We care deeply about the performance of Apex - as much now as ever. We’d love to hear from you - tell us how we’re doing. Send an e-mail to

We hope to hear from you, and we appreciate the opportunity to work with you.


Software International Advantage:



  • Specialized recruiters

  • Thorough screening



  • 24-hour turnaround

  • Over 50,000 candidates at our fingertips


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